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By Day.


I would say the main thing I do is wear hats.  Many hats. One minute I may be reconciling our Warehouse Line or preparing Compliance Reports and Audits, the next minute I may be taking a loan application or advising a client.  As Vice President of BLMC, my role [aka hat] changes frequently. The good news is, I can change hats quickly and efficiently to support my team! I am a fairly quiet person by nature which has helped me refine one of my greatest skills; Listening.  I listen to what is going on in the office and step in where I’m needed at the right time.  One of my favorite hats to wear is the Hat of SUPPORT. I support Jill Blume in her role as President and Leader.  I support our Origination Team in structuring their files to be the best fit for our clients, and I support our Processing Team by streamlining and strengthening our loan flow process.  These teams are really more like my family….and I thoroughly enjoy the energy my BLMC family provides! It makes my day!!

By Night.


Again….it’s all about the hat!   After hours, my most current and consistently worn Mom-Hat is actually a Baseball Cap!  I have three boys and they keep me hopping! My youngest son plays baseball for his High School team and a couple of travel teams as well.  Baseball is also the center of my college son’s life. He pitches for his College University. There is a lot of back and forth across our beautiful State watching baseball!  My oldest son was not as drawn to the red-dirt-diamond, but he gave me the sweetest granddaughter that is!! Watching him instill family and team values in her gives me a great feeling of pride. I love the way we all pull together and support each other’s strengths and skills.  It makes my night!!


I honestly like to stay active, watch baseball of course, take walks, and possibly challenge the boys to a game of one on one if they dare take me on. [I may be a little competitive, ha ha] Wearing so many hats is exciting and fun, but there’s nothing like a peaceful Saturday morning, a cup of coffee and my hair pulled back in a ponytail….with no hat!